5 Educational Modules  

“Cultivating scientific and technological literacy for K12 students”

  SMARTree’s specialized course  

Available on all platforms
Effortless learning 24/7

SMARTree provides Chinese children aged 4-12+ with a language learning platform powered by AI technology and big data. Natural pronunciation, grammar, writing, reading, and STEAM subjects are taught through video animations and a virtual teacher to simulate the interactive process of a real class.

  IPTV recording and broadcast  

Spiraled language acquisition

The IPTV recording and broadcasting classroom consists of 300+ original animation videos with our virtual teacher, Hellen. The animations and the SMT courseware complement each other with corelated key vocabulary and knowledge points.

  International Graded Reading Library  

The Internationally Graded Reading Library provides children with reading books of all ages and levels in a diverse range of subjects - from picture books and comics to classics like Shakespeare and Aesop's fables, enriching children’s horizons anytime and anywhere.

  Live broadcast  

The foreign teachers live broadcast carefully selects great foreign teachers in North America, for the children to develop a pure accent and to inspire them to express themselves confidently.

  Gift Shop and Points Mall  

The points mall is set up to encourage children to hand in homework on time, accumulating rewards and gifts through their own efforts.

  The curriculum levels  

Planning every step of growth for children aged 4-12.

  AI + big data - a closed loop  

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